Secure Data Elimination Technology (SDET)
Designed to meet the needs of defense applications, SMART's SDET technology complies with current military data elimination standards, providing multiple levels of secure erase techniques. SDET Clear provides a fast data elimination function that enables erasing of data in seconds. SDET Sanitize uses agency defined or unique customer defined sanitization procedures, allowing full media declassification. Additionally, SDET complies with IRIG 106-07, chapter 10.8, addressing the specific needs of flash architectures and data structures and for bad block handling, write protection and for reviewing the secure erase results to verify that all classified data has been eliminated.

Parallel Array Processor Technology
Parallel Array Processor Technology delivers advanced parallel flash array processing. Originally implemented in software, this technology is now hardware driven to provide unparalleled flash performance, capacity and scalability previously unachieved in the flash disk industry.

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